Anita’s Atayef bil Ashta (Pancakes filled with Custard)

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Lebanese pancakes-dessert lightly yeasted and cooked on only one side. Filled with a reached ,creamy custard drizzled with a floral  perfumed rose and orange blossoms waters. When you try these pancakes you won’t want to go back to Regular ones.Gone in 50 seconds by my husband!

My Mom’s recipe will be posted!

Atayef dough is readyAfter 3 hours when bubbles come out. Dough is ready!

Atayef is ready to remove from panBubbles rise up and the surface of atayef (pancake) has dried out. Ready to be removed from the pan.

Atayef are cool and ready to filled upAtayef are cool and ready to be filled with a creamy Ashta ,sticking together only from one side and pistachios are sprinkled or dipped on top of Ashta. Drizzle with floral syrup. Enjoy next to a cup of Tea sweetened with this delicious syrup. Enjoy!